Happy Hollow Woods is a seventy-acre mixed hardwood forest located just outside the town limits of Blacksburg Virginia. We
have been tending the forest since the mid-1990’s using a sustainable forest management plan committing us to increasing wildlife habitat, promoting ecosystem diversification and improving overall forest health. Primarily dead and down wood is harvested. If a live tree is taken, it is to make room for healthier trees surrounding it to flourish. The trees are harvested with a chain saw and a pick-up truck with a winch. Care is taken to avoid driving in the forest when the ground is wet. Forest erosion is not a problem as so few trees are harvested in a single year (this is a one man operation with occasional family help). More than eighty species of trees grow in our forest along with a variety of understory plants including black cohosh, bloodroot, rue anemone, wild ginger and an occasional morel mushroom. The forest also hosts a healthy population of owls, songbirds, wild turkeys, and an occasional coyote and bear.

After harvesting, trees are cut into lumber at the saw mill on site, and stumps are turned into bowls. Tables, boxes, and furniture are also made on the property. Any left over scraps are used for firewood, so little is wasted. All of these products, including lumber and firewood can be purchased directly . Have something in mind that you don’t see here? Give us a call for more details (see the Contact page).

Keep in mind that each tree is unique so the character of each bowl or product will be unique as well. The samples shown here are examples of work, and not necessarily products that can be specifically purchased. We look forward to talking with you about the perfect product to meet your needs.